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Situated near the Rock of Vergisson, Domaine Barraud has inherited its passion for wine. Tranmitted through generations, the common objective has always been to bring out savoir-faire and unique terroir. Following our motto: "Working well saves time", the domaine has renewed itself while preserving its roots.



Jean-Marie et Marie Barraud


Joseph et Marguerite Barraud


Henri et Monique Barraud


Daniel et Martine Barraud

2006 and 2015

Julien and Anais Barraud


The viticultural history of the Barraud family began in 1905. Thanks to his literacy and knowledge of arithmetic, Jean-Marie Barraud found a comfortable situation as a share cropper and installed himself in Vergisson. His stable revenue enabled him to save money and purchase, in 1912, the first parcels of Domaine Barraud.

Ten years later, Joseph and Marguerite take over. An audacious and veritable visionnary, Joseph knew how to recognize the great future parcels, and purchased many fields to plant vines. A competent entrepreneur, he very quickly understood the advantage of selling to restaurants and cafés. Towards the end of the 1930's, he was one of the first in the area to bottle the wine on his property. The first cuvée « Les Crays » appeared in 1947.

In 1959 Henri Barraud began to work on the family domaine with his wife Monique, a native of Fuissé. The author of our motto « Working well saves time », Henri, a thoughtful country man, maintained the domaine without counting his efforts. In 1971, the AOC Saint Véran was created. The parcel from this appellation « les Pommards » was the first to be bottled in 1978.

The Barraud family's fourth generation installed themselves in 1979 and inherits a part of the domaine. With the same willpower and modernity as his grandfather, Daniel and his wife Martine develop the domaine and begin commercializing bottles of Macon Vergisson and Saint Véran « En crêches ». In 1990, they acquired the house and the Clos de la Verchère. The initials DB appeared at this time on the label.
Passionate about wine and environment, Daniel Barraud is a member of the association GEST Beaune, an association invested in preserving terroirs.

Their son, Julien, started working on the estate in 2006 and acquired the family techniques. Julien decided to accentuate artisanal viticulture on the estate by, for example, ploughing all of the vineyard parcels. He now handles all of the vinifications, with family know how and that he has also sought to evolve (with longer vinifications on the top end wines, for example).
Anais joined her brother in 2015 to manage all of the administrative and commercial aspects of the estate.
Together they seek to continue the tradition and respect for the terroirs, while simultaneously bearing in mind the evolutions that the future may require.

Domaine Barraud

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